Links – Contest Rules

  • Table Top Challenge – Explore the three phases of the Table Top Challenge!
  • Cube Quest – Two autonomous robots (not radio controlled) start from their own goal area and roam a 6×6 foot field and attempt to move +1 red blocks back to their goal while avoiding the -1 blue blocks.
  • MicroMouse – Mice must find their way from a predetermined starting position to the central area of the maze unaided.
  • Line Following (NatCar) – Use an autonomous race car to complete a line track course. Each race car can try three runs from which the shortest time will be recorded as the best record. Players can implement their own algorithm and use curve change marks on the course for route memorization to get the best record in the shortest time possible.
  • Sumo – A match is fought between two teams, each team having one or more contestants. Only one team member may approach the ring; other team members must watch from the audience. In accordance with the game rules (hereafter referred to as “these rules”,) each team competes on a Dohyo (sumo ring) with a robot that they have constructed themselves to the specifications in Section 3. The match starts at the judge’s command and continuous until a contestant earns two Yuhkoh points. The judge determines the winner of the match.