Meeting Details


Second Thursday of each month (except December).


Fast Track Hobbies
6831 Lonetree Blvd #E102
Rocklin, CA 95765
(Near the Blue Oaks Theater)

Please arrive early! Main entrance closes promptly after 7PM!

Visitors and families welcome!


  • Welcome
  • Club News
  • General Robotics News
  • Presentation or Discussion Topic
  • Show-and-Tell: Everyone should bring a robot, favorite book, or current project, finished or not!
  • Free time to visit.


  • Arrive on time. Our host may lock the front doors to keep loiterers out.
  • Please exit the building promptly at 9PM so our host may head home. You may visit outside in the parking lot afterwards.
  • The restroom is open around the corner from the office.
  • Do not damage birthday room tables (e.g. puncture holes).
  • Limit robot demonstrations to 5 minutes.
  • Keep discussions, projects, and content family friendly.
  • Build! Build! Build!
  • Invite others!