Next Meeting – 8 FEB 2018

We have a great meeting planned for February (7PM on Thurs, 8 FEB)! We will have a special guest speaker:

David Crawley with Ubiquity Robotics to introduce their new ROS based robot platform.

Here is more about their group:

We are a group of hackers that originally worked out of the Hacker Dojo in Santa Clara, CA and we’ve built a ROS based robot for hackers, by hackers. We think this helps solve a real problem for people who are interested in ROS but struggle to build or find a good low cost robot platform that they can use to do the most interesting applications. Our robot software is all open source, and our Loki robot is made up completely of open sourced hardware designs.

They will have lots of robots and open source software to demo during this interactive session. You can explore more here:

Also, checkout our links in our resources sections. We have recently added a few new sites.