Meeting Summary | 2012-08-09

Sacrobotics had it’s monthly Thursday night meeting last night at Fast Track Hobbies in Rocklyn, Ca. It was a great meeting with about 20 people in attendance. General club news was discussed.

Scott Hutchings talked about the Sacrobotics booth that was at the California state fair. A lot of folks came by the booth and Not just One but THREE BOE BOT kits (donated by Parallax) were raffled off and given to fair attendees. Also about 100 race for free tickets (donated by Fast Track Hobbies) were also given to to public.

Sacrobotics would like to say Thank You to our awesome sponsors for their excellent prize donations for the raffle . Other club news included a members experience at the Sierra College Planetarium watching the live feed of the Curiosity rover landing on Mars. Another club member mention an up coming fund raiser for the Power House Science Center in Sacramento.

This sounds like a great place to bring your bot and it’s family to and show support for a new place of learning. Sacrobotics ran phase One and Two of the Table Bot challenge last night and three robots completed phase. One including a new robot built by a first time build and his dad, that was cool! A couple of us older folks also ran and completed the navigation of the tabletop with out falling off. Phase two was completed by two of the robots as well this included navigating the table without falling off and finding and pushing an object randomly placed on the table surface. Certificates of completion of either phase were handed out to the builders followed by much applause and geeky glee.. Team K.I.S.S. robotics shot some video and will hopefully post it on the FACEBOOK website soon…