2012-03-23 | SacFx Open House

I wanted to invite the group to our open house March 23 from 4pm-8pm. Stop by and meet some of our characters.
Fun demonstrations and interactive displays too.
We are located at 961 Washington Blvd. #601 Roseville CA. 95678.

Here are some of the things we do:
Theatre and Film rentals
Prop creation
Mold shop
Life Casting
Make-up effects

Bryan Patterson
SacFX Studios
(732) 49-SACFX
961 Washington Blvd. #601
Roseville CA 95678

Meeting Summary | 2012-02-09

Meeting Attendees: 10 Discussion: Re-launch of Sacrobotics. We started with the purpose of the club and introductions of the attendees. We announced National Robotics weeks and the Parallax Robotics & Microcontroller Expo. We also announced Robogames. Both events are featured on Sacrobotics.com. We discussed the potential for contests within the club including the Table Top challenge. We also invited everyone to submit ideas for contests and presentation topics. Many attendees demonstrated their robot projects to the group.