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We are a group of people with a variety of backgrounds that gather once a month to discuss various robotics related topics.

If you are interested in any aspect of hobby robotics, please join us at one of our regular meetings. Everyone is welcome!

The Lattest.

Discord is a free tool where communities and friends can chat. There are clients on every major platform, and its easy to signup and use.

I have setup a Discord "server" as a convenient way for our members to connect and share projects and ideas with the group. To join, click the link below:


We recommend installing the Discord app or using Chrome, which has better video support.

Feel free to share this your your robotics friends. I'll see you there!

RoboGames returns next April 18-21st, 2024 with a newer, bigger, and MUCH bigger venue - the San Jose Convention Center.

Event Website:

How We Work.

Second Thursday of each month (except December).

Fast Track Hobbies
4420 Granite Dr, Ste 400
Rocklin, CA 95677

Please arrive early! Main entrance closes promptly after 7PM!

Visitors and families welcome!

  • Welcome
  • Club News
  • General Robotics News
  • Presentation or Discussion Topic
  • Show-and-Tell: Everyone should bring a robot, favorite book, or current project - finished or not!
  • Free time to visit.
  • Arrive on time. Our host may lock the front doors to keep loiterers out.
  • Please exit the building promptly at 9PM so our host may head home. You may visit outside in the parking lot afterwards.
  • The restroom is open around the corner from the office.
  • Do not damage birthday room tables (e.g. puncture holes).
  • Limit robot demonstrations to 5 minutes.
  • Keep discussions, projects, and content family friendly.
  • Build! Build! Build!
  • Invite others!



If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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